Pre Diabetes

Pre diabetes means that you are having blood sugar levels that are going higher than normal. 

It's easy to reverse these symptoms before they turn into type 2 diabetes. Proper diet and exercise are important and there are also concentrated herbs that are excellent for helping control blood sugar levels.

Pre diabetes occurs when your body can't make enough insulin to control blood sugar levels properly or can't use the insulin efficiently due to insulin resistance. 

This is when signs of diabetes begin although they aren't always noticed or take seriously.

Your body produces higher levels of insulin to deal with the high sugar/starch diet.

A high sugar diet is not only from the sugar in the modern diet, but also includes all the starchy and grain based foods. Think of potatoes chips, pasta, etc. Add all the starchy foods to the sugar in most processed foods and it's a recipe for disaster.

Starchy foods (potatoes) and foods made from grains all turn into sugar in the body and they cause the body to produce insulin to deal with this excess sugar.

After producing insulin at high levels, the cells can become insulin resistant so the body cannot control blood sugar levels as well.

This causes the body to try to produce more insulin to deal with the problem.

Producing excess insulin can tire out the pancreas after a while and then diabetes results. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed but Type 1 diabetes is going to leave you no choice but to make changes in your diet.

You can control it a certain amount with a holistic approach although you will still need insulin injections to deal with it. Full blown diabetes also begins to make changes in your health/aging that you cannot completely avoid.

So, it's best to deal with it now instead of later.

Pre Diabetes Symptoms

Common pre diabetes symptoms;

  • More tired than usual without any major changes in habits
  • Thirstier than usual
  • Losing or gaining weight without dietary changes
  • Frequent urination

There can also be other health problems that cause some of the symptoms above, but you can confirm the symptoms by making dietary changes. If you notice a change in diet making a noticeable difference in your symptoms, you have nailed the problem.

Taking herbs that help control carbohydrate absorption can also tell you quickly if you are pre diabetic.

Also, note that hypoglycemia (low Blood sugar) can cause similar symptoms to high blood sugar (diabetes).

Pre Diabetes Diet

Carbs are the most common form of foods used for energy in industrialized countries and varying your diet away from the standards you grew up with is very difficult for most people.

The important thing with pre diabetes is to control your carbohydrate intake to the point where your blood sugar levels remain stable and in the normal range.

If you have noticeable pre diabetic symptoms, you should also notice these symptoms easing and disappearing altogether.

There are many recommendations on the amount of carb intake you should have, but most people also lose sight of the fact that we are all as different as our fingerprints.

That means you should find some general guidelines, follow them for a while and see how it works for you. Give it a while to see how it works for you and then you may be able to adjust your carbohydrate intake to reach blood sugar stability.

However, there are some things that are also very certain regarding diet for pre diabetes.

You must lower sugar and starch intake and get lots of fiber into your diet, especially soluble fibre.

Remember - pre diabetes is a warning signal from your body that you have a health problem.

Address this problem before it becomes more serious and you have a much higher chance of maintaining good health into old age.

Diabetes shortens life span, accelerates aging and causes many health problems. Diabetes can also result in serious handicaps such as blindness, kidney failure and amputation.

Remember, the only pre diabetes treatment is to make lifestyle changes. Dietary changes, exercise and some herbs for diabetes can help you reverse it 100%.

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