Herbs for Depression

Using herbs for depression has been practiced since ancient times.

More and more people are demanding healthy alternatives and freedom from the risks of powerful pharmaceutical drugs. Drugs that can also cause permanent health issues such as kidney/liver damage as well as many debilitating symptoms such as dizziness, digestive upset, nervousness, headaches, muscle aches and many more symptoms and problems, including death.

Almost forgotten, using herbs for depression was out of mainstream thinking for many years - until side effects of the so-called miracle drugs became more and more apparent.

Now, whether for depression or many other health issues, using natural herbs for healing and maintenance is becoming more accepted as a mainstream idea.

The powerful herbal extracts in Mood Effex are herbs that have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to enhance mood naturally.

Mood Effex can help with depression, sadness, anger frustration, despair and feelings of helplessness.

Common Signs of Depression

Clinical depression is the diagnosis given to people who are chronically depressed and can't seem to climb out of it. Also called major depression or major depressive disorder.

It's not the same as the depression that is usually temporary and caused by a personal loss or disappointment. 

One of the classic clinical depression symptoms is that it is ongoing and gets worse as time goes by, most of the time also resulting in physical symptoms, discouraging the victim even further.

The major signs of depression are sad moods and loss of interest in daily living tasks and responsibilities and losing interest in things that previously brought pleasure.

As they sink deeper into depression, thoughts of suicide become common.

Depression can also make other health problems intensify because key chemicals in the brain influence mood and pain. Using herbs for depression is a natural way of counteracting this brain chemical imbalance. 

Treating depression successfully has also shown to improve physical ailments.

Proven Use of Herbs for Depression

For most people affected by stress or depression, a powerful combination of herbs can be very effective.

Probably the most well known herb used for stress and depression is St. John's Wort. 

Many European countries are more advanced than North America in their approach to natural medicine and St. Jonh's Wort is licensed as treatment for depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. 

In Germany, it is the most popular antidepressant, outselling even Prozac three to one.

The rest of the herbs in the Mood Effex formula are:

Tribulus Terrestris

A flowering plant used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and used for mood and libido enhancement.

Nardostachys Chinensis

Native to the Himalayas and trusted in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years, this aromatic root is used for calming effect.

Angelica Sinensis Root (Dong Quai)

Often compared to ginseng, Dong Quai is used as a remedy for remedy for a broad range of conditions and is one of the most popular herbs in Chinese, Korean and Japanese medicine.

Cyperus Rotundus Root

This root and has been used by natural medicine practitioners around the world for  numerous health benefits, including promoting mental health.

Albizzia Julibrissin Durazz Flower

The pink blooms of this deciduous tree are believed to have calming properties.

Morinda Officinalis Root

Used in Chinese medicine since ancient times, this root is believed to have anti-depressant and anti-stress properties.

Different herbs can have different effects on different people, so combining all of these ancient herbs for depression symptoms ensures maximum effect for the maximum amount of people and it comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

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