Causes of Stress

Causes of stress are many but most of these causes originally stem from some sort of negative thought.

Thoughts can cause powerful feelings and these feelings can end up taking your thoughts out of control. to the point where a person does irrational things. They literally lose control.

Thankfully, most people don't get to that point, but at the same time, stress is a factor that has enough effect on people's lives that it affects their health in a noticeable way.

Many people don't realize that stress is affecting them in subtle ways and don't connect the symptoms they have to stress. The causes of stress can be causes of their health problems, but if the health problems are thought of as minor, the causes  are never recognized.

Symptoms of depression are caused by negative thoughts that become a major focus In a person's life, although nutrition factors can also be causes of stress.

Thoughts can create powerful negative feelings such as hopelessness, frustration, hate, anger, jealousy, loneliness, etc.

The other side of this coin are powerful feelings like love that give you contentment, satisfaction, a feeling of accomplishment and being worthwhile.

The trick is to balance your life so the negative feelings that are causes of stress don't overcome the positive feelings.

Things that seem simple are not always so simple. For example, constant job dissatisfaction may not harm you much for a short while, but over time can have a huge effect on every aspect of your life if you let it go on and on.

One example is a person who develops digestion problems, which is a common symptom of stress. Maybe he/she takes over the counter medication for a while, then eventually goes to get a more powerful medical prescription.

Over time, these drugs can do irreversible damage to the body and can also affect the chemical balance of the brain. The person may consider the digestive symptoms to be the causes of stress, when it goes much deeper than that, to the stressful thoughts that triggered it all.

When negative thoughts start to overwhelm you, intense emotions result and this can manifest as physical symptoms and health problems. These thoughts and emotions can then begin to affect your outward behavior, which other people may not understand.

This can lead to increased negative thinking which can lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety, creating a vicious circle of behavior that can be hard to break free from.

Stress can amplify or cause many health problems.

Any occurrence in your life that affects your thinking, emotions or physical well-being is some sort of stress.

We all go through hard times and happy times, but when a situation becomes an irritation, stress starts to affect your life more than it should.

We all deal with stress differently and what seems not to affect one person much can drive another person to distraction.

Why is this and what causes stress to get out of hand?

Like fingerprints, each person’s mental, physical and emotional makeup is different from everyone else’s. 

 Although science is just beginning to have some understanding of what affects our thought processes this way, there are definitely things you can do to reduce or eliminate stress in your life.

Nutritional Causes of Stress

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Although some functions are a mystery, the brain is a physical organ, so it can be affected by a shortage of critical nutrients just like any other part of the body.

 This lack of proper brain nutrition can result in thoughts and emotions going off track.

 Some nutrients shown to have a direct effect on the brain are:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Trace minerals
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin B12

 If you feel stressed out and want to eliminate it, it’s time for some self-evaluation.

 What’s going on in your life that upsets or irritates you.

If you feel there are no major issues affecting your thoughts and causing stress, you may have a nutritional issue.

Physical Effects of Stress

Health problems also put a physical stress on the body.

For example, diabetes puts physical stress on the body and can complicate or also be a cause of things like high blood pressure.

These added physical causes of stress can put a tremendous load on the body in addition to the mental stress and that's another reason that very health conscious people are usually happier people.

That's also why stress is more dangerous to health than most people realize and just dealing with the physical effects of stress (health issues) can have a huge impact on your mental outlook.

Herbal Stress Relief 

There are also herbs for stress that have been used since ancient times because they have proven to have a positive effect on stress and mood.

There are quite a few herbs in this category, but usually a good herbal stress formula is formulated with multiple herbs  for maximum effect since not everyone is affected to the same degree by the same herbs.

Using a synergistic combination of herbs ensures that it will have some effect for the majority of people.

At one time, when stress excessively affected a person’s thinking and actions, it was considered to be a mysterious illness and nothing could be done for them. No one knew why it happened, how it happened or how to deal with it.

Now, there is more knowledge and help available for anyone who seeks help but our modern lifestyle also introduces more stress than ever before. Life is not always as simple as we want it to be.

If you are willing to look at your personal situation on a deeper level, you may be able to sort it out and help yourself.

Also, exercise is one of the best tools of all for helping to relieve stress.

Another bonus for reducing stress is higher quality sleep - you feel a lot more refreshed and may even sleep for less time.

And finally, many herbs have been shown to promote relaxation of the mind and body.

Like fingerprints, herbs can affect each person a little differently.

So, a good herbal formula will include multiple herbs for stress relief; herbs that have shown over time to have a definite effect on the body. This ensures that each person will get maximum benefit since they may not receive much benefit from one herb but still receive maximum benefit from other herbs in the formula.

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