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I have been involved in the natural health field for over 35 years and so the products I promote are products that fall into this category.

I have written many natural health articles and also written and sold Ebooks on natural health. 

My experience comes from much experimentation and study of the natural world including wilderness survival using plants for food, medicine and making items.

For every drug there is a natural remedy that will do the job just as good without negative side effects or other such things as kidney/liver damage.

So, you can shop here with confidence in the products you will be using in or on your body and not worry about any negative effects your health.

Any questions, just use the contact form on the right side top corner.

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Use this site with your discretion. The information on this site is not intended for making any personal diagnosis or cure and you are responsible for any decisions you make regarding your health.

Consult a professional regarding health, ask questions & above all, use common sense when it comes to health issues.

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