Signs of A Liver Problem

Signs of a liver problem are many because the liver is involved in more body functions than any other organ.

There are, however, some common signs that can indicate a liver problem.

  • Digestive problems
  • Diabetes
  • Constipation
  • Low Energy
  • Allergies 
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Infertility
  • Arthritis

The liver is responsible for dealing with toxic substances, so if the liver is overloaded, toxin elimination can show up in ways such as skin problems as the body tries to use other methods to get rid of the waste.

There is also a condition called hemochromatosis, that can produce diabetes type symptoms. It is sometimes misdiagnosed as diabetes and if not treated can end up in liver failure. The body cannot process iron properly and the accumulation of iron ends up destroying the liver.

Hemochromatosis is sometimes called the bronze killer because people who have this condition may develop a darker skin color.

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What Causes Liver Problems?

The liver is the main filter for the human body.

  • Alcohol, heavy metals, chemicals - basically anything toxic must be processed and prepared for elimination from the body via the liver.
  • Too Much Simple Carbohydrates - Simple carbohydrates, like all the processed foods and junk foods people eat are converted into triglycerides in the liver and stored as fat. This can result in the condition called fatty liver and interferes with the liver's ability to function properly.
  • Too much protein - Something most people aren't aware of is that too much complex protein can create a liver problem. It's not protein you need, but the amino acids so the body can build it's own protein. The body has to break proteins down to access these amino acids.

Eat simpler sources of protein instead of eating large amounts of meat. Meat is hard for the body to process and can also cause other problems. Chicken, fish, nuts, seeds and best of all, you can add a some sort of green superfood such as spirulina. 

Exceptionally rich in protein that contains all the amino acids your body requires and super easy for the body to break down.

  • Overeating - This actually puts a heavy burden on the body since most overeating involves too much processed food, usually full of additives and preservatives and the liver has to process all food and chemicals entering the body.
  • Lack of exercise - forces the liver to eliminate waste that would be handled by other body systems through movement and exertion.

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Gallbladder Problems Are Usually An Indication of A Liver Problem

Gallbladder problems are usually an indication of a liver problem.

Most of the time, if someone develops a serious gallbladder problem, they end up having gallbladder removal via surgery.

The liver produces bile, which is stored in the gallbladder to be used when fatty/oily foods are eaten. Bile is required for digesting fatty foods.

The liver cannot produce bile fast enough when the body suddenly demands it for digesting fats, so the gallbladder is merely a holding cell that dumps bile into the system when it's needed.

If the diet isn't optimal and/or the liver isn't functioning properly, the bile produced hardens too quickly. The bile hardens into stones in the gallbladder which produces the gallbladder symptoms and problems such as gallstones, pain and infection.

Removing the gallbladder may get rid of the gallbladder symptoms, but you are trading one problem for another.

Removing the gallbladder can cause permanent digestion issues and puts a bigger burden on the liver to produce bile at a rate that can't keep pace with demand. That's what the gallbladder is for - to dump bile into the digestive system when it is needed quickly in large amounts.

That's also why we have our page link listed as Liver/Gallbladder. The two are like Siamese twins when it comes to digesting fats. Removing the gallbladder may be trading a gallbladder problem for a future digestive and/or liver problem.

Gallbladder surgery is the medical system's answer - if it's causing problems, cut it out! The natural way is to understand what's going wrong, then heal it!

herbal liver cleanse can make huge changes in your health and help you to avoid many health problems - not just a gallbladder or liver problem, because the liver is intricately connected to dozens of body functions and systems. It is sometimes called the master gland of the body!

P.S. A liver problem can also cause weight gain that is hard to get rid of!  For a healthy weight loss diet to work well, you need a well functioning liver.


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