Herbal Remedies for Diabetes

This page - herbal remedies for diabetes is continued from this page, diabetes remedies, because there is a lot of information on this aspect of health and I felt it was too much for one page, plus the diabetes remedies page is already very long.

However, this information is also very important in regard to why reversing diabetes with natural methods is best - because this is more information on what needs to be corrected in body function when you have diabetes.

With drugs, you only affect the blood sugar symptom and there are many other things that go wrong with diabetes. All of these things need to be corrected to completely reverse diabetes and only herbal remedies for diabetes can accomplish the whole range of problems associated with diabetes.

High Insulin Damage = More Reasons To Use Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Insulin is the master control hormone for your metabolism. Constant high levels of insulin can cause many more complications.

  • Heart disease
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Increased triglycerides
  • Hardening of the arteries - arteriosclerosis 
  • Atherosclerosis - plaque buildup inside the arteries
  • Kidney disease
  • Deficiences of vitamins & minerals
  • Weight gain
  • Fluid retention as the liver functions begin to shut down
  • High blood pressure - hypertension - caused by arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis, is an increase in pressure due to blood being harder to pump through the body due to hardened and clogged arteries.

When blood sugar levels rise for only a couple hours, beta cell failure can be detected. Beta cells are the cells in the pancreas that sense when insulin is needed and inject insulin into the bloodstream.

As they slow in function, they can no longer produce enough insulin and eventually these cells burn out completely resulting in Type 1 diabetes.

So, the cells responsible for controlling blood sugar slowly lose control and are killed off by the sugar that they can no longer regulate. It's a type of suicide!

This results in the stages of diabetes most of us have heard about.

Neuropathy - nerve problems - numbness - pain- burning feeling

Kidney failure - dialysis

Heart disease




Herbal Remedies for Diabetes Can Help to Heal & Improve Many Body Functions

If you have begun to develop warning symptoms of diabetes and want to change your lifestyle, you have to remember that you have already set in motion the negative effects of diabetes within your body.

You have some insulin damage and some high blood sugar damage as noted on this page and the diabetes remedies webpage.

So, even if you correct your diet, the damage is still there.

If you want maximum health you need to pay attention to the digestive system.

Do a liver cleanse, a colon cleanse and take herbs that help to heal and repair your digestive system, including your kidneys.

Take some good enzymes to lighten the load on your pancreas.

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Drugs for Diabetes

Metformin is a common drug prescribed for diabetes. It is designed to inhibit absorption of carbohydrates in the intestinal tract and enhance insulin sensitivity, but comes with side effects for many.

Common side effects are:

  • Some loss of appetite
  • nausea
  • Cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Flatulence
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Lactic acidosis

Some of these symptoms are too much to cope with for some patients, so they discontinue the medication.

Lactic acidosis is rare and usually occurs in patients with weak kidneys. Lactic acidosis occurs when cells in the body die due to lack of oxygen caused by a build up of lactic acid in the blood. Weak kidneys are a hallmark of diabetes. 

It comes down to the question again; Should you take drugs or use natural, herbal remedies for diabetes?

Glyburide is a drug used to stimulate insulin production in the pancreas. Although it works well it also can stimulate the pancreas to produce too much insulin which can cause blood sugar level to nosedive and induce diabetic coma.

It brings with it the problem of too much insulin, which will, as detailed on this and the related webpage, diabetes remedies break the body down much quicker. It also speeds up the breakdown of beta cells in the pancreas. These are the cells that produce insulin and when they quit, type 1 diabetes results.

So once again, you are faced with the choice - drugs for diabetes or natural, herbal remedies for diabetes, including diet. Once your body goes to the point of insulin resistance that your body will no longer use it, no matter how much you inject, rapid body decay and death are next on the list.


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