Herbal Liver Cleanse

A herbal liver cleanse (sometimes called a liver detox) can give you an almost magical change in health.

Many health problems can be improved by improving liver function because the liver function is intricately connected to many other body systems and functions. That's why it's sometimes called the master gland of the body. It is involved in dozens of body functions.

But before you do a herbal liver cleanse, you should do an intestinal cleanse. 

If the intestinal tract isn't working as well as it should, toxins may be re-absorbed and this can give an unpleasant reaction.

Cleansing the intestinal tract will ensure that toxins and wastes are eliminated efficiently. After a herbal intestinal cleanse, do the herbal liver cleanse and you should feel more energized. Maintaining a healthier diet after the cleanses will help you maintain a high energy level, due to a higher level of health.

To maintain good digestive function requires some super healthy foods to give your body better ability to maintain and repair itself.

This means you need not just less processed food, but more raw foods.

A simple apple is one of the healthiest things you can eat and is super good for the digestive system. Salads with healthy dressings is something else not enough people eat.

Most of the commercial dressings are full of garbage and one of the most common but worst ingredients you can eat, is the refined oils that almost all commercial dressings are made with.

Because of the way they are processed (very high heat & chemicals) , these oils are very hard to digest with almost zero nutritional value. Use dressings from the health food store or make your own. Learn to read food labels and you will be surprised at the amount of junk the food industries put into their products.

These junk ingredients are the biggest reason for digestive complaints. They are ingredients the body was never designed to process.

Just remember that if you ate 100% healthy, easy to process foods, your digestive system would very rarely, if ever,  cause you any trouble.

A Herbal Liver Cleanse Gets Rid Of Toxic Buildup, Improves Digestion & Helps to
Avoid Future Health Problems

A herbal liver cleanse helps to get rid of the toxic buildup that has been accumulating since the first time you ate food containing ingredients that were toxic to the body.

The liver is very good at getting rid of waste, even though it was probably never intended to process the chemicals and other synthetic ingredients in the modern diet.

But over time, even if you don't develop serious problems, the lower level of liver efficiency is aging you quicker and giving you symptoms you don't connect to the liver. You just call it getting old.

Stiffer muscles, low energy, weight gain, sore joints, muscles, tendons, vision deterioration, catching colds, flu easily, headaches and many more symptoms too many to mention, can be signs of sluggish digestion and sluggish digestion usually is one of the signs of a liver problem.

The medical profession can only diagnose liver problems when you are on the verge of liver failure. If you are a so-called average person eating a so-called average diet, you need an intestinal and a liver cleanse. No different than cleaning your house, yard or car. It's just regular maintenance. Like any mechanics device, the body lasts and performs better when it is looked after properly.

What A Liver Detox Can Do

A herbal liver cleanse can help purge the liver of old deposits of unhealthy fats, cholesterol, beginning gallstones, drug residue, poisons and toxic waste. A herbal liver cleanse can also re-establish a good flow of healthy bile. Healthy bile helps to avoid future gallstones. 

A good liver cleanse will not only help to flush out the liver, but will also help to regenerate and repair liver cells. Don't focus only on cleansing because it is also necessary to repair and regenerate liver cells to achieve full liver function and maximum health.

P.S. I am not just promoting products on this site - I am promoting a healthy lifestyle. I have lived  a super healthy lifestyle for well over 35 years and constantly get comments on my energy levels and physical condition. I have done many cleanses and can testify to the benefits - if they are done properly!


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