Heart Health Supplements

Heart health supplements are rarely thought of when people think about taking supplements.

The statin drugs used to help circulation problems such as high blood pressure, can deplete the heart of essential nutrients, making you more susceptible to heart disease.

There are now warnings on drug labels about this, but a lot of people don't read the fine print or don't know there may be alternatives.

They take it because the doctor recommended it and don't bother or think about it or to ask important questions.

Different parts of the body use different amounts of certain nutrients and the heart muscle doesn't rest - it is beating constantly, so there are critical nutrients it needs more of to produce the energy needed for its constant workload.

That's why heart health supplements can be critical, especially if you are over 40 years of age and eating the average American diet.

That's because this diet is a leading cause of high blood pressure and it's estimated that over 30 of the American population has some degree of high blood pressure.

Most people don't even know they have high blood pressure unless they get checked or something critical happens that makes them visit a doctor.

Critical Heart Health Supplements

Magnesium should be added to everyone's diet. That's because it's a mineral that is involved in hundreds of body functions and is also a mineral that many people are short of.

Some dietary habits actually leech magnesium out of the body. A good example is the soda pop drinks that many people drink daily.

They are hard on the body in more ways than one and they rob the body of nutrients. Many nutrients bind to harmful substances to help flush them out of the body.

This helps to control some of the damage potential of these negative health habits.

Get a form of magnesium that is well absorbed. Some of the cheaper supplements are cheap simply because they aren't well absorbed so they don't help you much, if at all.

They are from cheap sources and the price reflects the quality.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is critical for producing energy and is used by every cell in the body. The heart muscle works 24/7 so it needs energy on a continual basis.

Here is an article referring to muscle damage from statin drugs.

EFAs (essential fatty acids) are another critical heart health supplement that many people are short of. Not only for heart health, the whole body requires these nutrients.

That's because the oils in the modern diet don't contain these healthy oils due to the processing methods used. Although fat has gotten a bad rap for years, the truth is that our bodies can't live without fats/oils. The problem is that most fats people consume are not healthy.

Supplement with capsules that contain EFAs.

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Although the exact mechanism of how certain herbs work is known and sometimes it isn't known, over centuries many herbs have established themselves as helpful for certain organs and body functions.

There are different herbs used that may have similar effects, so they may not all need to be used in one formula, but the important thing in any formula is that you have some combination of powerful herbs that have a history of being used for healing and in this case, as a heart health supplement.

Added to this can be other elements that the body uses to enhance the absorption and effect of the herbs. Certain supplements can do this very well.

The product above, Ultra Accel is focused on heart health.

Our other product, Alistrol is a herbal heart tonic but is aimed at improving the whole circulatory system.


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