Healthy Weight Loss Diet

A healthy weight loss diet can improve your health as well as helping you to lose weight quickly and should be the only way that you try to lose weight.

Too many people concern themselves with losing weight instead of improving health. Improving your health by improving your diet accelerates weight loss and a good weight loss dietary supplement can help accelerate your weight loss much more.

Then trick is to get a weight loss supplement that gives you some super nutrition and also speeds up your metabolism naturally. You need a superfood supplement that is all-natural with no side effects other than improved health and energy.

Some people go to extremes to lose weight in ways that are dangerous and unhealthy. 

One important thing about losing weight is to give the body the nutrition it needs whatever diet you may try. That makes it easier for the body to lose excess weight and improve your digestive system so you process food more efficiently.

First of all, most people don't know the reasons that they gain weight and also the fact that the reasons they put on weight may be completely different than the reasons someone else gains weight.

This is important to developing a healthy weight loss diet that works for you. Too many people want a one-size-fits-all-magic-diet-plan with a 10 day money back guarantee, without realizing that losing weight needs to be approached with an eye to the different reasons why people gain weight.

When you find what works for you, you will have a healthy weight loss diet plan that will help you to keep fit well into old age.

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What Causes Weight Gain?

So, let's look at some reasons for weight gain to begin with.

For some people weight gain may begin at birth.

Most babies are a little chubby anyway and won't start getting what we call fat until they are a few years old, but the stage for weight gain may be set in place when they are born.

So, let's assume a relatively healthy baby, free of serious health problems, a mother that wasn't an alcoholic or junkie, etc. since these kinds of challenges can also affect the children. In other words, what we call a fairly normal, healthy baby.

When this type of baby is born, it's digestive system is basically sterile until the first foods/liquids are introduced into its digestive system. These foods set the stage for the good/bad bacteria balance in the baby's digestive system.

This is why breastfeeding is so important to keep a baby healthy with a strong immune system. Breast milk contains ingredients that are conducive to the proper intestinal balance, which is also important for developing a strong immune system.

This intestinal balance is important for proper food processing and can be a factor later in life regarding weight gain. This can be changed if the person lives super healthy and does things necessary to achieve a good intestinal balance, but if they eat a so-called average American diet, it can add to weight gain and health issues.

Not processing food properly and not eating the right kinds of foods are the major factors in weight gain. Without a good intestinal balance, food isn't processed efficiently, leading to weight gain plus other health issues.

The Digestive System & Weight Loss

Most people are aware that junk foods can cause health issues and weight gain but what they don't know is that the average American diet also causes weight gain.

That's because most of the food is not only cooked, but much of the food is overly processed; full of all kinds of additives to preserve taste, color, texture, keep from molding, etc.

These chemicals not only upset the good/bad bacteria balance of the body but also slowly destroy the efficiency of the digestive system. The soft, absorbent tissues of the digestive system were meant to extract nutrients from organic foods - not for processing chemicals.

After too much abuse these tissues deteriorate and that's when problems such as IBS, Diverticulits, Crohn's Disease, etc enter the picture. These chemicals also impair liver function and good liver function is critical for good digestion. A slow liver causes health issues such as weight gain.

In addition to the chemicals, the modern food processing methods destroy most of the nutrient value in the foods during processing, making it harder for the body to process these foods and extract any nutrition from them.

One of the best or worst examples, depending how you look at it is the modern type of processed cooking oils in the average supermarket.

These oils are refined and filtered at a high temperature, killing off any nutrition in them and making them into an almost dead food. These oils are very hard for the body to process and can also lead to things like liver and gallbladder problems.

There are very harsh chemicals used to process these oils and you end up eating this chemical residue.

So, improving liver function can also be important in a healthy weight loss diet plan, depending on the condition of your liver. Improving liver function improves the whole digestive system since the liver controls more body functions than all other organs/glands combined. A healthy liver is critical for good food metabolism.

Note: A chronic yeast infection can also cause digestive issues, weight gain and hormone imbalance.

One More Critical Factor In A
Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

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There is another critical factor for any health weight loss diet plan and that is hormone balance. 

Most of us are aware of women who can't get rid of all the extra weight after giving birth or maybe even put on more weight.

This is likely due to hormone imbalance.

Read our page on natural hormone replacement therapy to understand this better.

Hormones control every function in the human body. There are hormone receptors on each cell that tell the cells what to do and when. They facilitate the uptake of nutrients and tell the cells when to release waste.

When hormones are out of balance, this can cause weight gain and can also make it very difficult to lose weight and that's one major reason many women have trouble losing weight after giving birth.

We have outlined major issues regarding a healthy weight loss diet although there are other issues involved. One example is a chronic yeast infection and how it can upset digestion and cause hormone imbalance.

An underactive thyroid gland is also known to cause weight gain. 

Only a few who realize they have to take responsibility for their own health, will be the ones to read this far and realize that positive action means more than clicking the Buy Now button for another fad diet. You are what you eat!!


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