Gallbladder Symptoms 

Gallbladder symptoms of malfunction occur because the liver is having a problem metabolizing cholesterol.

The liver produces bile for digesting fats/oils in the foods we eat. When the cholesterol contained in this bile becomes too concentrated and thick it begins forming stones in the liver.

These small stones are then passed to the gallbladder and when sitting in the gallbladder thicken, forming larger stones, that cause the gallbladder symptoms of pain and infection.

The gallbladder is used to store bile for digesting fats and oils. When fatty food is eaten the gallbladder releases bile into the digestive system to help digestion.

Without the gallbladder, the liver continues to produce bile but cannot produce enough when there is a sudden demand for digesting fatty foods.

Also, if there is no longer a gallbladder to store bile, the liver produces a constant dribble of bile, even when you don't need it for digestion.

These factors can cause digestive problems for the rest of a person's life.

Address The Real Problem

If the liver problem isn't addressed, the most common result is gallbladder surgery. The medical answer to  gallbladder symptoms of malfunction is removal and gallbladder surgery (cholecystectomy) is one of the most common medical procedures performed in the USA.

In typical medical fashion, the gallbladder symptoms are dealt through gallbladder removal instead of trying to understand what is causing the gallbladder symptoms in the first place.

To many people who haven't had much involvement with natural health, they think it can't really be that simple and that the medical profession is always at the top of the knowledge chain.

To anyone who is a little open minded and has had some experience with natural healing, it's just another common example of the failings in our medical system.

Doctors do what they are taught and you cannot do what you do not know.

Educating people to cut and burn out symptoms is not a method of healing. When something goes wrong with the body, how to heal should be the first consideration.

If there is no known alternative, then surgery should be the last option.

Eliminating Gallbladder Symptoms of Malfunction

Eliminating gallbladder symptoms means dealing with the liver problem.

Healing and cleansing the liver without surgery or drugs is all that is required.

Also, stop and think for a bit - wouldn't you rather spend a few dollars on a liver cleanse to try to avoid gallbladder surgery instead of just bowing down to the surgeon's knife?

Dealing with gallbladder problems through surgery isn't as simple as just removing the gallbladder.

Because the gallbladder has a definite function, you can have digestive issues for the rest of your life.

So, by now .you won't be surprised that I recommend a liver cleanse to heal the gallbladder.

Healing and cleansing the liver gives your gallbladder a chance to heal and you can eliminate any future gallbladder problems for good if you make some simple dietary changes.

Eating healthier, less processed foods and especially eliminating refined oils form your diet. The processed cooking oils in the supermarket are pure junk.

Use healthy cooking oils. For cooking, use oils that take a higher heat than olive oil.

Olive oil is very healthy but cooking destroys many of the good qualities, although it may still be preferable to the regular supermarket oils.

Cold pressed coconut and cold pressed Avocado oils take higher heat without their healthy properties being destroyed.

Supermarket oils are processed with high heat - just below the burn temperature, so they have no nutritional value and are hard for the body to process.

They are also processed using harsh chemicals.

Your body was not intended to process this "dead" type of food containing chemical residues.


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