Cause of Enlarged
Prostate Gland

An enlarged prostate, in medical terminology called benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), affects most men over 50.

The good news is that this prostate health issue is very easy to treat with natural methods. The medical treatments are questionable regarding immediate and long term negative effects on health.

Prostate cells are easily affected by hormone imbalance.

We've all heard the references to women in regard to hormones but in industrialized countries men are just as likely to have hormone imbalance.

This hormone imbalance can be seen at the age young girls start to look grown up, have PMS, etc. It's happening much earlier than a couple decades ago.

Most people think of hormones being directly related to the subject of sex but different types of hormones are actually involved in regulating all the functions of the human body.

When these messengers are not in the correct balance, trouble begins.

In regard to men, prostate cells can grow faster than they die, causing an enlarged prostate gland and this can be caused by hormone imbalance.

So, what causes this imbalance?

Enlarged Prostate Gland & Hormones

Natural Hormone Cream for Hormone Imbalance Symptoms.

One big factor is all of the synthetic chemicals in our environment and food chain.

Many of the growth chemicals used on food crops are a synthetic type of estrogen and estrogen is a growth hormone. Men and women have the same hormones; it's just the amounts that differ.

All the cells in your body have home receptors and when real hormones on these sites are displaced by the synthetic ones, that's where the trouble starts.

This hormone displacement upsets the signal system in your body causing disruption in function which can have many different symptoms. 

Since estrogens are a growth hormone, these synthetic hormones cause the cells of the prostate to replicate at a faster rate than they die. This upsets the normal balance causing an enlarged prostate gland.

Synthetic hormones have also been proven to increase cancer risk. There are many examples, but probably the most common example of a link to synthetic hormones and cancer is the breast cancer issue in women. There is no longer doubt on this issue. 

The hormones I'm speaking of are birth control pills. They work by upsetting functions controlled by natural hormones and they are synthetic chemicals.

So, a link to prostate cancer and hormone problems isn't a hard connection to make since it only takes some common sense. Continuing with that same line of thinking, it would make anyone suspicious of hormones in regard to an enlarged prostate gland.

A good herbal prostate formula can help reduce and control this swelling without negative side effects and to maintain correct hormone levels, a good hormone skin cream should be used.

Also, avoiding these synthetic growth chemicals requires eating healthier.

Balancing Hormones Means Also Balancing Testosterone

These synthetic growth chemicals (xenoestrogens) are used heavily for increasing production and crop yields in many countries. Think of fertilizers for crops, synthetic hormones to make cows give more milk or make them put weight on more quickly so they can be sold for meat (shorter time frame and faster growth). 

The animals are given these synthetic hormones in feed and they are sprayed on food crops and then you end up with these chemicals in your body via meat, milk, produce, etc. 

Some of these chemicals also make their way into things like plastic water bottles and other containers used for food packaging. Of course, it's unavoidable that some of these chemicals end up in our water supply and environment via industrial manufacturing waste and animal waste.

Balancing hormones also includes increasing free-circulating testosterone levels.

Statin drugs and birth control are two big factors in low testosterone levels. Aging and diet are also factors.


Low Testosterone Treatment

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