Diet for High Cholesterol

A diet for high cholesterol is also a diet that can help in lowering high blood pressure and help you avoid heart disease.

These factors are all directly related - the presence of one can be an indication the others may also be present or have a good chance of occurring.

The medical approach is to just give drugs that affect cholesterol production instead of addressing the reasons behind the excess cholesterol production.

These drugs are also hard on the liver and that's why there are now warnings on prescription labels about organ damage.

First of all, what is cholesterol?

It is a waxy type of substance produced in the liver and is essential for health.

Cholesterol is a healing substance produced by the liver to repair damage. Excessive artery damage results in the liver producing more cholesterol to repair the damage.

The problem is that the cholesterol can build up, causing high blood pressure and blocked arteries.

Since the vast majority of the time, the artery damage is due to dietary factors, the cholesterol problem can also be reversed with dietary factors,.

However, following a diet for high cholesterol takes some time to reverse the conditions. It cannot change overnight just as the problems didn't develop overnight.

A Diet for High Cholesterol 
Reverses Symptoms 

Following a healthy diet for high cholesterol can help reverse symptoms and correct the problem for good.

1. You may want to start with semi-skimmed milk or add/use milk substitutes. Whole milk is high in saturated fat and contributes to high cholesterol levels. 

2. Trade your carb snacks for unsalted nuts. Raw almonds are especially good for lowering your cholesterol.

3. Cut back on meat and substitute other foods high in proteins and fibre such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. High meat consumption increases cholesterol. 

4. Substitute processed breakfast cereals with porridge. High in fiber, porridge is far better because it is made with whole, unprocessed ingredients. The high fibre levels in oat based cereals helps to control cholesterol.

5. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain many compounds that aid in healing the damage caused to the arteries and help to lower cholesterol production. Blueberries are great for lowering cholesterol.

6. Use cold pressed virgin olive oil for salads. Heating destroys the good properties, so use cold pressed avocado oil for frying. It retains its healthy properties up to around 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Avocados are also very good for the heart and circulatory system.

7. Avoid processed foods, especially foods containing any kind of added oil. These processed oils cause the liver to produce more cholesterol.

8. Dark chocolate is very healthy and rich in anti-oxidants. Try to get naturally sweetened that contains 70% or more chocolate.

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Herbs for High Cholesterol

A diet for high cholesterol is basically a healthy diet.

That's why the Mediterranean diet, so popular now, results in less health problems, including cholesterol.

You can notice a difference with dietary changes quickly and over the course of a couple months, you can reverse  and heal the conditions behind high cholesterol.

There are also herbs that are very effective at helping to heal your system and can speed up the process for you.

Also, changing your diet may take time - it's hard to change lifetime habits, so herbs that help control cholesterol can help you as you initiate changes to your lifestyle.


Lower Cholesterol Naturally

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