Diabetes Remedies

Good diabetes remedies should do more than just control blood sugar levels.

That's the problem with the medical solution for diabetes - they address ONLY the blood sugar symptom!

When you have diabetes, there is more than one body function not working properly, so you have to address each of the problems to completely reverse diabetes and be able to say that you did cure diabetes.

If you want to eliminate diabetes naturally, there are combinations of herbs that will do the job quite well. Combining different herbs for a synergistic effect can multiply the effects of each single herb and helps to ensure a good diabetes formula that will work for the majority of people.

Any time you can avoid drugs, you are most likely holding onto good health for longer as well as living longer.

Most people don't think of it this way, but diabetes is actually a self-inflicted disease. You can control whether or not you develop diabetes. That means that opening your mind to dietary change is the key to any diabetes remedies.

There are exceptions to every rule but it's probably safe to say that over 99% of people who develop diabetes symptoms, do because of their lifestyle and the biggest portion of the cause is due to diet.

Forcing blood sugar levels down artificially with drugs doesn't change the reasons for the causes of diabetes. If you want to reverse diabetes you have to reduce sugar intake, reduce insulin resistance, improve pancreas function and reverse damage to body organs and tissues.

Symptoms of diabetes are indicators that damage to the body tissues and organs has been going on for a while and with our busy, modern lifestyle we miss or ignore the small warnings until they become unavoidable symptoms. 

If you get to the stage of type 1 diabetes, then natural diabetes remedies can still help you, but you won't reverse it as completely as you can with type 2 diabetes.

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Much Diabetes Advice Incomplete

Some basic advice you sometimes see is to eat less and exercise more which is only partially true.

What you eat is either the solution or the problem because diet is where it all starts regarding diabetes. So yes, eat less but you will naturally eat less when the food you eat contains more nutrients and better quality of nutrients.

The solution is to eat higher quality food. 

Let's look at some of the foods that are hard on the digestive system. When the digestive system isn't functioning properly, diabetes can be one of the results and over time, foods that are hard to process begin to interfere with digestive function and lower the ability of the digestive organs to do their job efficiently.

True diabetes remedies require real dietary change - not just changing amount, but also quality of food. There is no magic drug!

Foods That Impair Digestion

Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils can increase your risk for diabetes by over 40%.

Eating too many Omega 6 oils in relation to omega 3 oils in your diet. This means using healthy oils for cooking. Cold pressed oils that take higher heat such as coconut oil, rice bran oil or avocado oil. Cold pressed olive oil is healthy but doesn't take high heat. High heat destroys it's healthy properties, although it is still better than using the common refined oils for cooking from the supermarket.

A diet high in meat will give you a high level of Omega 6 oil in the body! There is nothing wrong with some meat but balance it with healthier foods. 

You can also take Omega 3 capsules (fish oil, flaxseed oil, krill oil, etc) to offset high Omega 6 intake.

Health experts also agree that those who eat whole grains dramatically reduce their chances of developing diabetes compared to those who eat refined grains. This also includes starchy foods such as potatoes. Potatoes and grains are mostly starch.

In the end, the group of people with the lowest incidence of diabetes eat a diet made up of protein (just a small portion from meat), fresh vegetables, some fresh fruit and natural fats. Fat has gotten a bad rap for years but the human body cannot live long without healthy fats (oils).

It's not oil but the bad oils in the diet that are the problem. Colon cancer is also one of the most common types of cancer in North America and many health experts agree that the refined oils are a big part of the problem.

These oils are very hard on the whole digestive system because they are almost devoid of any nutritive value and are very hard for the body to process. They are basically a dead food.

The high heat and chemicals used to process them destroys all the good ingredients they started out with. These oils impair liver function (liver helps control blood sugar levels) and are a major reason for gallstones and gallbladder removal surgery. These stones begin in the liver and they increase in size and harden in the gallbladder, causing pain when they try to exit the gallbladder.

You need some live foods for good body health and maintenance. This is the most important step in natural diabetes remedies - healing and repairing the whole digestive system. Herbs for diabetes are concentrated "live foods."

Dietary Diabetes Remedies 

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence from thousands of people that colon and liver cleanses can play a huge role in preventing and reversing diabetes. These cleanses actually help to tune up the whole digestive system, but the liver and colon get the most abuse.

The liver loses function due to being overworked and plugged up with garbage from the diet and the colon's ability to absorb nutrients and get rid of waste is hampered because poor nutrition (processed and junk foods) and chemicals destroy the absorbent layer of the colon and its ability to work properly.

Also, here is an example of fresh fruit going from super healthy to being a cause of diabetes.

A raw, organic apple is one of the healthiest foods for the digestive system but once you cook it, it is mostly sugar with a little flavor. (think of apple pie). It does nothing but kick up your blood sugar. Worse yet, one of the ingredients that helps to regulate sugar absorption is gone - the apple peel, since most people also remove the peel.

Nothing wrong with enjoying a piece of pie once in a while but processed sweets should be seldom, not often and homemade pie made with whole grain crust and raw cane sugar is much healthier than the store versions and can be made without chemicals. The supermarket versions always have chemicals.

Even a raw apple with peel removed raises your blood sugar much quicker than leaving the peel on. Same with potatoes. Most potatoes grown now use a lot of chemicals, so eating the skin isn't a good idea but organic potatoes are a good option.

Any processing of fruit and vegetables should be only what's required.

So, one of the best diabetes remedies is to improve digestive function and using  good herbal products can aid the body to heal and improve function quickly.

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Improving Insulin Resistance - Another Important Aspect of Diabetes Remedies

High blood sugar levels are regulated by the hormone insulin, which is produced in the pancreas. 

When you eat high glycemic foods, this increase of sugar in the blood triggers the beta cells in the pancreas to release insulin. The insulin in the bloodstream assists the uptake of sugar into the cells so it can be converted into energy.

If not all of the sugar is required for energy at one time, the excess is stored in the liver as glycogen and a small amount is stored in muscle tissue.

There are small insulin receptors on each cell of the body that regulate the flow of sugar into the cells. After years of being exposed to too much sugar, they become insensitive to insulin, so a higher insulin level is needed to get a normal response.

This is called insulin resistance. Insulin resistance reduces uptake of sugar into cells, so blood sugar remains high and insulin resistance in the liver reduces sugar (glycogen) storage as well, raising blood sugar even higher.

When the body becomes too insulin resistant, increasing insulin dosage no longer has any effect and death is not far away.

So, improving digestion is the best of all diabetes remedies and adding herbs to assist the body with healing and dietary function is the real answer to reversing diabetes.

Diabetes remedies aren't complicated - human thinking that creates unhealthy habits is what complicates the matter!

Why Poor Healing When Diabetic?

Finally, another important aspect of natural diabetes remedies that the medical profession completely misses is addressing body healing and repair.

Too much sugar in the blood causes increased thirst - a way that the body tries to flush excess sugar out of the system when other methods of sugar control don't work well.

Sugar also sticks to proteins in the blood which is the primary reason for slow healing. Protein is the major component of collagen which forms the connective tissue the gives structure to the tissues of the body. Think about aging, sagging skin that loses elasticity because the body can no longer produce the collagen it needs. 

Too much blood sugar also causes the blood vessels to narrow to try to reduce the damage to the body by reducing blood flow that is high in sugar. This constriction reduces circulation and explains kidney damage, blindness and amputation.

So, there you have it - take drugs, whether pills or injections (present day insulin is a synthetic drug) and watch your body go further down in health or take your health and life more into your own hands and begin providing your own diabetes remedies.

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