Causes of High Blood Pressure

This page you are on now, Causes of High Blood Pressure, goes deeper into what goes wrong in the body when you have high blood pressure.

We covered some basics on this webpage, Lowering High Blood Pressure, but when you have a deeper understanding of the reasons for high blood pressure, you will also have a better understanding of what you need to do to counteract it and why.

There is more than one thing that can go wrong in the body and then can become causes of high blood pressure, but the one cause that usually starts the ball rolling is dietary.

First of all, what is blood pressure referring to? Simply, just the force exerted on arteries as blood is pumped through them.

The blood pressure measured while the heart is beating is called systolic pressure and while the while the heart rests between beats is called diastolic pressure.

Blood pressure is recorded as systolic pressure over diastolic pressure - in this format type of 120/80.

Many people don't even realize they have high blood pressure until something critical happens or their Doctor happens to give them a test and high blood pressure is a silent killer since many people never know they have it until it's too late.

Here is a chart with numbers to indicate where you are at:

Normal Blood Pressure                            

  • Under 120 systolic 
  • Under 80 diastolic 


  • 120-139  systolic 
  • 80-89 diastolic  

Stage One

  • 140-159
  • 90-99

Stage Two

  • 160 or higher
  • 100 or higher

If the systolic number is in a different category than the diastolic number, use the category the systolic number falls into.

Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure

  • Heredity - you don't in inherit it, just the tendency toward it.
  • Gender - males more likely than females.
  • Age - aging brings increased risk.
  • Smoking - increases risk.
  • Obesity - big risk factor for high blood pressure.
  • Salt - sodium affects some people

Additional Causes of High Blood Pressure

These situations can also increase blood pressure. 

  • Pregnancy
  • Excess alcohol
  • Diabetes
  • Little or no physical activity
  • Prescription drugs
  • Kidney disease

The causes of high blood pressure can also lead to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), heart attack, stroke, and aneurysm.

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Lowering High Blood Pressure

Things you can do to counteract high blood pressure are:

  • Lose weight if you're overweight.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day.
  • Eat a diet low in saturated fat.
  • Doing a liver and colon cleanse and cutting back on refined oils can have a big impact.
  • Only 1-2 drinks per day of alcohol.
  • Drink more water (not coffee, juice etc. but pure water).
  • Take a good herbal product formulated especially for high blood pressure. This can help you to reverse it more quickly!

The above recommendations will help the majority of people to control blood pressure quite well. However, if you want to go deeper into the subject, you can not only reverse high blood pressure, but improve your health and energy and eliminate many physical problems you may have.

No matter what symptoms you have or how many causes of high blood pressure you come across, in the end it's acidity that creates the conditions that result in high blood pressure.

Most people know what PH is in reference to acid-alkaline balance is in the body.     All diseases are acidic in nature - disease only happens in an overly acidic body. Even the medical profession is aware to the disease/acidity connection.

A neutral PH level is where good health lies.

Most people are too acidic due to lifestyle. It's extremely rare to find anyone who is overly alkaline. The ideal level is close to 7 which is in the middle - neither acidic or alkaline.

However, no one can live perfectly, but eating a diet that keeps you close to the middle ground is where fantastic health and energy lies.

As mentioned on the previous webpage, lowering high blood pressure requires lowering the acidity in the body because the muscle tissue surrounding the arteries stiffens up due to acid buildup in the muscles. Acid waste is formed from a diet that is too acidic.

When this acid isn't cleared out efficiently, it begins to affect body organs and systems, including the circulation system. The muscle tissue in the artery walls is very thin and easily affected by this acid waste.

Most cooked foods are acidic and fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline. Fresh fruits and vegetables also contain more nutrients per pound than cooked food. Just avoiding foods that are highly acidic can make a big difference. 

Junk foods and processed foods are very acidic foods.  Meat is one of the most acidic foods you can eat and soda pop is probably the most acidic thing you can put into your system.

Diet soda drinks are a joke because they are detrimental to your health no matter what they are sweetened with and the ingredients neutralize any of the benefits from eliminating sugar.

There is nothing wrong with eating some cooked food, but it needs to be balanced with more healthy and raw food. Even more cooked vegetables are better than more meat or extra dessert. Raw is even better.

Have a healthy ingredient salad with some greens and the meat will digest much easier and you'll balance the acidity caused by the meat.

High blood pressure goes hand in hand with atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and cholesterol buildup. They are all causes of high blood pressure and in turn they are all caused by a body that is too acidic.

An overly acidic body sets the stage for sickness and disease. Unfriendly bacteria thrive in an acidic environment.  Unfriendly bacteria don't like a neutral or alkaline environment.

That's why people who are very healthy and close to the middle (PH of 7) get sick less and are much less likely to develop diseases.

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