Candida Cleanse 

Doing a candida cleanse (yeast infection treatment) takes a certain approach.

Too many so-called yeast infection remedies go after the symptoms and call it a cure.

But if it's a  chronic yeast infection, the symptoms will alway return. Home remedies can only deal with the symptoms temporarily.

That's because they don't deal directly with the cause.

Chronic yeast infections are caused by upsetting the balance of good/bad bacteria in the digestive system.

This can also spread from the digestive system to any other part of the body, causing the symptoms that drive people crazy. A good candida cleanse will get to the source of the problem and help re-establish the proper intestinal flora.

Upsetting the intestinal flora is caused by our modern lifestyle and the usual culprit is prescription antibiotics. Many factors can add to the cause of an overgrowth of bad bacteria and/or yeast such as poor diet, alcohol, chemicals and preservatives in the diet, excess junk food, etc. but the major cause is prescription drugs, especially antibiotics.

Any time you ingest drugs, they upset intestinal balance, although the body can usually recover quite well, but powerful drugs such as antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria in your system but also the good bacteria.

Constant use or even one large dose of antibiotics can cause problems. After too much of the good bacteria are killed off, the bad bacteria can take over.

This is why many people who take antibiotics for yeast infection have recurrent yeast infections. They kill off the good and bad bacteria and they start the cycle all over again. Candida overgrowth also occurs because of this. Candida yeast occurs naturally in the body but is kept under control in a balanced digestive system.

It grows (candida overgrowth) out of control when the good/bad intestinal flora is knocked out of balance.

A candida cleanse that is intended to kill off this yeast is the only way to deal with it. But the key is to use a candida cleanse that will focus on the yeast and bad bacteria. This will give the good bacteria a chance to re-establish themselves, especially if a good probiotic is added to the candida cleanse protocol.

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A Candida Cleanse Must Be Natural

A candida cleanse must be done with a natural approach, since prescription antibiotics will just put you on a merry-go-round of recurrent yeast infections for the reasons noted above.

You need not only a good yeast killer, but also some natural antibiotics that will kill off the overgrowth of bad bacteria. This overgrowth affects different people in varying degrees and also depends on the length of time you've had a yeast infection.

With a chronic yeast infection that's been ongoing for more than a few months, there's also a good chance you have not only a yeast problem but also a serious overgrowth of bad bacteria. That's also why a chronic yeast infection can produce so many different symptoms.

The candida yeast and bad bacteria can migrate from the digestive system to any and every part of the body and can also cause shortage of nutrients needed for good maintenance and healing.

So, candida infections also need a bacterial cleanse for 100% effectiveness and elimination of symptoms. 

I am speaking from personal experience on this issue as I have seen this type of situation more than once.

Candida Albicans Diet

You may want to cut back or eliminate the foods that cause you problems, but with a good candida killer, you will not need a special diet. It will work no matter what you eat, although healing is always quicker with a healthy diet and if you get rid of yeast infection, you want to keep it away by living healthier.

Also, when you are getting rid of candida yeast, you can have some pretty intense yeast die off symptoms. It's almost like drug or alcohol withdrawal. If the symptoms are too severe, just cut back on the yeast elimination products, which can modify your symptoms.

You may not completely eliminate the symptoms but as long as you can bear them, they should disappear after a few days and then you can begin serious healing of the digestive system and your body.

You will start on the road to recovery much quicker if you take a high quality probiotic.  This can help to re-establish good intestinal flora much quicker.

Essential for A Complete  Candida Cleanse - The Original & Natural Yeast Killer with Over 20 Years of Success!


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