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Welcome to
Natural Remedy 101

More and more people are reaching for a natural remedy for their ailments instead of prescription or over the counter drugs.

It's fairly common knowledge now that the drug free route is the best way to go, since natural remedies, when used properly, don't damage the body or have terrible side effects.

I have been in the natural health area for over 35 years now and it was considered weird to look for a natural remedy back when I was getting into it, because most people never thought that the best approach might be to take  responsibility for their own problems.

They just tried to dump their problems on someone else (the doctors) and medicare paid for it and they walked away thinking they were getting a topnotch cure for their problems.

Slowly, then more rapidly in recent years, the true effects of many drugs came to light after misleading propaganda and outright lies and coverups by organizations (including government) and people in high positions were exposed.

Most of all, health problems that were  the side effects of drugs became obvious.

Now, natural products, including healthier foods are a mainstream subject, with more research bringing more natural products to the market and the natural health market growing exponentially.

It's a movement that will only grow more as people come out of their media induced brainwashing.  This brainwashing was inflicted by the major drug companies for the last few decades, through the billions they have spent on promoting and advertising their drugs and buying political and medical influence.

Influence that kept natural products hidden and even outlawed as in the case of the natural sweetener Stevia, in the USA. There are also many other situations regarding natural remedies that are banned, when they are safer than the drugs designed to treat the same conditions.

Natural Remedy Solutions

So, that's what we offer on this site;  Natural remedies for common problems that, at one time, drugs were presented as the only treatment for.

The health problems we address are:

  • Diabetes
  • Weight Loss
  • Cholesterol
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Hair Loss 
  • Hair Removal
  • Digestion 
  • Chronic Yeast Infection
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Prostate Problems
  • Liver/Gallbladder Problems
  • Men's & women's sexual health - libido boosters, hormone regulation, sensation and sexual performance enhancers for men & women.
  • Also, some men's and women's general health products such as products to enhance the body's HGH production, which is considered to be the body's youth hormone. 
  • Self Help - Stress, Anxiety, Depression Remedies 
  • Skin care products - acne skin treatment, anti aging creams, stretch mark removal creams, eye creams, acne scar removal, stretch mark removal.

Also, remember that symptoms for certain conditions can cross over. For example; low energy can be caused by a liver problem or an underactive thyroid. This type of symptom crossover can be true of many health problems.

So, you may find the same possible symptoms listed for different conditions but it takes some analysis and common sense and maybe even a doctor to help you do a complete diagnosis.

Tthat's also why certain pages of this site are linked to other pages, that at first may not seem directly related.

For example the page about Healthy Weight Loss Diet is connected to the page on Underactive Thyroid because thyroid function can sometimes be directly involved in weight gain.

The important thing though, is that you try a natural remedy if you can for any health problem. You want to improve your health, not drag it down with toxic prescription drugs.

Product Testimonials

The products you find on this website have been used by many people. Many of the products have been around for years now and there are many testimonials as to their effectiveness.

When a natural remedy works without side effects, people will become loyal users of that product and are enthusiastic about telling others what they've discovered.

Many people turn to a natural remedy for one of these reasons.

  • Side effects from drugs
  • Concern about toxic drugs damaging their body
  • Interest in natural healing and diet

Many natural products work just as good or better than their drug counterparts without any negative side effects and that is the best advertisement for any product - customers telling others how well they work.

Try them and you'll see for yourself!

P.S. We select only top of the line products for sale on this site and the vast majority of these products are Doctor endorsed and many are also Doctor formulated.

I respect anyone who is open-minded enough to educate themselves on natural medicine and also anyone who is willing to make a major change in direction after already establishing themselves in a lucrative position.

I am referring to medical practitioners who recognize the shortcomings in the medical profession and add natural healing knowledge to their resume. That takes open-mindedness and a belief in more than just the dollar.

Practitioners like this have formulated many of the products we offer on this site.

So, welcome to Natural Remedy 101 and know you can shop here with confidence.

All material copyrighted 2018.

Use this site with your discretion. The information on this site is not intended for making any personal diagnosis or cure and you are responsible for any decisions you make regarding your health.

Consult a professional regarding health, ask questions & above all, use common sense when it comes to health issues.

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